Choqoa Introduces Real Cacao Stories at TEDxFlanders / Youth 2012 is a fantastic platform where people share there knowledge and experience in passionate ways. Drawing millions of viewers and fans across the world, I was no less than honored to be invited at the local TEDxFlanders / Youth event. The committee appears to be a big fan of Choqoa, the passion and  stories, and proposed to bring both a talk on stage and a workshop to top it off.

Educating some 130! kids from various nationalities and languages about the real taste of cacao & fine chocolate. It wasn’t an easy challenge, but fun! In less than 10 minutes I guided them through the origins of cacao, the difference between cacao and chocolate, a change of cultural habits and false assumptions on its health potentials. I could talk a lot more of course, but I decided to do something better: have all these kids taste fine origin chocolate!

It was my biggest tasting event ever… I distributed a truck load of samples to all of them; 2 chocolate chunks and a cacao bean. And then we performed a “Slow Chocolate” tasting, supporting the campaign from our friends at It was worth a movie to see all those faces turn into happiness.

The feedback I got from the TEDxFlanders team was more than flattering.

“It was so nice to work with you, and on behalf of our team we thank you so much for your efforts… When I talked to kids at the end of the day, a lot of them thought the chocolate workshop was the highlight of their day.”

Here is my presentation to share with you. Feel free to contact me for any idea or performance. Looking forward to open up the wonderful world of origin chocolate to many many more kids, children and their parents. Will you help?

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