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Cacao Chemistry. Films by TCHO pt.3

This eventually is the 3th and final video documenting TCHO chocolates. After introducing processing cacao, and going behind the scenes in the TCHO labs, this one ends up with the BoignBoing team eventually tasting TCHO chocolate.
You’ll learn about the tasting universe, just as with wines, and see them discovering the true essence of cacao and its characteristics. “Hey, It tastes like a cigar”…Enjoy!

(via BoingBoing)

Cacao Chemistry. Films by TCHO pt.2

The second movie out of 3 that is available from TCHO and BoingBoing TV, takes us further in the development process of cacao beans. Beware, in this film we are moving far away from exotic locations and plantations, and leave fascinating flora and cultivation culture outside.
In exchange we make a technical journey into mighty machines and minuscule molecules.  Former NASA engineer and co-founder Timothy Childs shows us what machines are used at the factory, how some of them are ‘hacked’ together with NASA tape and grinders from Indian restaurants, and how omnipresent camera’s increase the geek factor of TCHO. Enjoy the show!

Chocolate Origins. Films from TCHO

TCHO is a new kind of cacao company that has Louis Rossetto, founder of the übertech magazine Wired.com, and a space shuttle technologist, Timothy Childs amongst its partners. This US brand is based in SF Bay Area, and plays on the geeky ‘beta’ concept in its serial launches of origin bars. The company philosophy is very close to my personal business ideas, and though the professional reviews might not be raving (yet) on their bars, still the concept is well working out. TCHO also plays a lot on so called ‘transparancy’, but puts more efforts in marketing this proposition than competitors. This avid tactic surely will have its roots in the geek and Web2.0 background they have.

The big SF bloggers from BoingBoing TV treated their friend and neighbour on a visit in its ‘open house’ and deliver a nice series of short documentaries taking us behind-the-scenes at the TCHO offices. The first video result in this series is rather a very nice and appealing introduction in the cacao processing from ‘bean to bar’, or much better: from ‘pod to palate’! Enjoy Xeni Jardin and David Pescovitz rocketed into the world of cacao.

(mind you, there is short intrusive ad halfway)